казино в барселоне

ALEA is an award-winning leader in the online gaming field.

We are dedicated to delivering fully licensed, multi-platform casinos to our customers, while at the same time, offering high-performance gaming solutions and top-quality services to the market place.

Here at Alea, we are building an awesome cloud-based casino engine, aiming to provide the best player experience in e Gaming.

And let's be honest, we simply want our software to be the best - less is just not acceptable.

As a cutting-edge technology startup we also have provided the first Virtual Reality Casino experience in the world.

You will be working within the IT team and here, we love agility.

We love being flexible and we are not afraid to change when we see something that can be improved.

That's why we are using Scrum and Kanban, this reflects our mentality.

We also believe there is always room to get better and it's very likely that you will have to learn something you don't know yet.

Who you are: You are a Front-End Senior Developer with more than 5 years working with Javascript, CSS and HTML.

You have an extensive knowledge of Angular and Bootstrap ; You are not afraid to try out new technologies as Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4.

You still want to learn, and you're also keen to share the knowledge you gained already.